Police Says Sydney Church Stabbing Was 'Terrorist' Attack.

Police Says Sydney Church Stabbing Was 'Terrorist' Attack.

Australian police says the stabbing at a Sydney church was religiously motivated by "terrorist act".


Police said, a 16-year-old boy was arrested after a bishop, a priest and churchgoers were attacked during mass at the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church, and least four people suffered "non-life-threatening" injuries.


The incident was captured on a church live stream and quickly triggered unrest in the suburb of Wakeley.


Australian police define terror offences as being ideologically motivated, adding that, Investigations are still under way, but they said, they are satisfied that it is a case of religious extremism, while, authorities have repeatedly declined to state the religion of the alleged attacker.


New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb said, the bishop and priest were undergoing surgery and were "lucky to be alive", while, the church has named the priest as Father Isaac Royel and the bishop as Mar Mari Emmanuel. Ordained in 2011, Bishop Emmanuel is seen as a popular and controversial figure, and his sermons have received millions of views on social media.


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