Pensioners Adopts Contributory Pension Scheme.

Pensioners Adopts Contributory Pension Scheme.

National Union of Pensioners Contributory Pension has adopted the Contributory Pension Scheme as the best option to the pension administration.

The pensioners spoke during a visit to the Chief Executive Officer, Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria , in Lagos.Chairman of the NUPCPS, Sylva Nwaiwu, said, the Contributory Pension Scheme is framed in the best interest of pensioners if well-implemented, adding that, there are aspects of that can be improved upon, and called on the Pen Op boss to engage with other stakeholders to ensure they are secured.

Agudah said, the industry exists because of pensioners and workers and commended the pensioners for their commitment to the country and their organizations in their twilight year, stressing that, the pension industry and the country still needs to tap from wealth of experience that they have gathered over the years, while, assuring the pensioners of the pension industry’s commitment to pensioners welfare.

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