Govt Cautions Residents Over Heatwave

Govt Cautions Residents Over Heatwave

Abia State Government through the Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Renewal has expressed concern over the recent climate change resulting in heat waves during the day and at night.

The adverse effect of the current situation, according to the government, include dehydration which can lead to fainting, contracting chicken pox, heat rashes and mental stress, skin cancer, meningitis and in the worst case scenario death.

The government recalls that the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, had advised on how to prepare for change in climatic conditions, and therefore advised residents to adhere to the recommendations by the experts in order to curb the threat associated with the heat.

NIMET had advised people to drink more water and stay hydrated, avoid more consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeinated beverages, reduce intake of food rich in proteins because they increase metabolic activities as fresh foods and fruits are better alternatives, stay indoors between 12 noon and 4:30pm, take cold bath before going to bed at night, and monitor their blood pressure always, among others.

The state Commissioner for Environment, Philemon Ogbonna, in a statement on Wednesday, said, while the state government is reassuring the people of its commitment to their welfare and security, Abians are reminded that health is wealth and that they should do all they can to live a healthy life.

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