8 Entrepreneurs Get Grants From King Of England.

8 Entrepreneurs Get Grants From King Of England.

British Council, a charity owned by the King of England, Prince Trust’s International have given grants to eight Nigerian entrepreneurs.

A statement from the council, the entrepreneurs received N250,000 each for emerging as the best in the  ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship Challenge Programme’ and defeated 16 other entrepreneurs after scaling through a preliminary process, which included 60 entrepreneurs.

The council said, the entrepreneurs, who were between the ages of 18 and 35, pitched their business ideas through Nerdz Factory with five judges who selected the winners from the pool, and building the skills of young people using local initiatives and talents, innovations and solutions is a game changer for the economic development of Nigeria.

The British Council’s country director commended international partner, Prince’s Trust International, for working hand-in-hand with the council in the design and ultimate implementation of the project.

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