Military Rule Extends By Five Years.

Military Rule Extends By Five Years.

Burkina Faso's military government says it will extend junta rule for another five years.


The country's ruler, Capt Ibrahim Traoré, will also be able to contest the next presidential election, but when he seized power in a coup nearly two years ago, Captain Traore pledged to restore the civilian government by 1 July this year.


But Burkina Faso has now joined neighboring Mali in extending military rule after a national consultation meeting in the West African country's capital city, Ouagadougou.

An amended charter, signed by Capt Traoré, states that the new 60-month transition period will take effect from 2 July this year.


Burkina Faso has been governed by the army since January 2022, when Lt Col Paul-Henri Damiba seized power from President Roch Kaboré, while, Colonel Damiba justified the coup by saying the previous government had failed to deal with growing militant Islamist violence.


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