2023 ELECTIONS APPRAISAL: Analyst disagrees with Buhari on electorates roles, says polls far from credible
President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President


Contrary to the calm by president Muhammadu Buhari that the outcome of the just concluded 2023 general elections were determined by the Nigerian electorates, an analyst, Mr. Moses Idika has disagreed with the president


Mr. Idika while comment on Buhari’s self-appraisal on ATN Politics said the process of the elections were far from being credible given owning to the infractions witnessed.


He said, “If there was free, fair and credible election, I would have agreed with Mr. President. But what we have is very far from free and fair election. You see what happened in Lagos, Rivers, in several states. In Bayelsa, in Delta, Enugu, Ebonyi, Cross Rivers and several other states where several accusations of vote buying, manipulations. In some places, people didn’t use BVAS and all that. When a president comes out to say that those who lost, lost because Nigerians rejected them, it may not be true because the major actors are in court.”


He accused Mr. Buhari of prioritizing the outing of his party men above the election above the violation of the Electoral Act by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the several cases of killings record across the country during the election.


“Mr. President assessment in my thinking is in sensitive. Because he is worried about some of his party members not making it in the election but he is not worried about the worries of Nigerians on how INEC conducted the elections. He is not worried that INEC violated its own rules, he is not worried that several Nigerians were killed. He is not worried that ethnicity, religion and the rest. These sentiments that keep dividing the country played major roles in the elections,” he said.


Mr. Buhari while addressing the outgoing United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Leonard, at the State House, Abuja said he is “inspired by the fact that voters were able to make their own decision, to decide who won and who lost.”

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