Pantami, Senate Agrees To Resolve NIPOST Low Budget
Prof. Ali Isa Pantami

The minister of communications and digital economy Prof. Ali Isa Pantami has requested for a sum of 100 billion naira from the over head of the ministry budgeted to be transferred to Nigerian Poster Service, NIPOST for it Over Head Budget.

The minister requested for the funds during the ministry's budget defence before the joint committee of both chambers on ICT. he said based on the agreement between NIPOST and the executive forfeited it over head budget to an agreement to independent while government will only pay salaries of staffs. 

The minister appealed that certain percentage be provided for NIPOST from the ministry going 

forward in other not to bring future controversies of over head budget of the agency saying that the aim was to make NIPOST more active in revenue generation for the country. 

The joint committee on ICT started with the presentation of the 2022 budget performance of the ministry of communications and digital economy after which the disagreement of who to present the budget was resolved by the joint committee. Track up

The minister of communications and digital economy Ali Isa Pantami after it was agreed that the permanent Secretary of the ministry be allowed to present the budget explained the explained the reason behind NIPOST lack of Over head fund and capital budget. 

The minister in his explanation said Based on the report presented to him which was investigated indicates that the executive had agreed with NIPOST that a certain level of autonomy of revenue generation be given to it that government will only pay salaries to NIPOST staffs.

The committee thereby accepted the ministry's 4.068 billion naira as it 2023 budget proposal.

As presented by the permanent Secretary Mr. Bitrus Bako Nabasu who gave the break down of 991.898 million as personnel cost, 2.651 million naira is for capital expenditure and over head cost of 424.377 million. 

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