Ali Baba Calls Nigerian Constitution 'Biggest Problem.

Ali Baba Calls Nigerian Constitution 'Biggest Problem.

Popular Nigerian comedian Ali Baba has stated that the Nigerian constitution is 'not actually a constitution.'

According to Ali Baba in a chat with newsmen, the constitution is not actually a constitution; but something that some people drafted, and got some lawyers to knock it together.

He added that the constitution does not speak to the growth and national development of Nigeria.

Ali Baba also spoke on Nigeria's growth and suggested that the government should allow each state to have its autonomy.

It may interest you to know that between the years 1967 to 1996, the Nigerian military scrapped the regions previously established and created 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

And from those 36 states, 774 local government areas were created. However, Ali Baba expressed his view that some states were created just to appease some military officers.




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