Group Says PDP Lacks Moral Rights To Advise Tinubu.

Group Says PDP Lacks Moral Rights To Advise Tinubu.

Democratic Front says the People’s Democratic Party, has no moral right and justification to advise President Bola Tinubu on governance or arrogate to itself the magic wand to rescue the nation’s economy having plunged it into ruins for 16 years.

A statement jointly signed by its Chairman, Danjuma Mohammed and Secretary Wale Adedayo, who reacted to the communique issued by PDP at the end of it National Executive Committee meeting argued that, the country has still not recovered from the mindless plundering of the economy in the PDP years.

The group said, if the party’s NEC had limited itself to its desperate but unrealistic bid to unify the dilapidating structures of a deeply divided political party, which the PDP has become, that communique would have attracted better attention, adding that, the absurdity and the manner the NEC members exhibited pretentious insensitivity to the tragic consequences of their party’s 16 years of misrule resonated the role PDP played to hinder the growth and development of the Nigerian state.

The group was of the opinion that a political party which plundered Nigeria’s hard earned resources and brutally squandered its national patrimony for those lengthy years was expected to display remorse and responsibility on matters of economic revitalisation and statecraft.

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