Trump Supports $175m Bond In New York Fraud Case.

Trump Supports $175m Bond In New York Fraud Case.

Former US President Donald Trump has posted a $175m bond in his New York civil fraud case, staving off asset seizures by the state.


Mr Trump was originally ordered to pay the full $464m judgment against him, but an appeals court said, he could pay the smaller sum within 10 days.


He was found in February to have fraudulently inflated property values, while, Republican denies wrongdoing and says the case is a political witch hunt by the Democratic prosecutor and lawyers had argued before the appellate court that securing a bond for that amount would be a "practical impossibility".


A statement by his lawyer Alina Habba said: "As promised, President Trump has posted bond and looks forward to vindicating his rights on appeal and overturning this unjust verdict.




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