Commission Criticizes New Tariff Hike.

Commission Criticizes New Tariff Hike.


Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission says unless electricity customers are metered by electricity distribution companies, DISCOS implementation of the new tariff hike will cause dissatisfaction.

Adamu Abdullahi, the acting Executive Vice Chairman who disclosed this in a statement said, the N200 million sanction imposed on Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission for wrongly billing customers comes on the backdrop of the recent tariff hike for electricity customers under Band A, getting at least 20 hours of power supplies.


The commission urged NERC to mandate Discos to provide meters for all customers under Band A within 60 days to address the fears of arbitrary billings, adding that customers under Band B, C, D, and E getting 16 hours of power supplies and below should not be migrated by Discos to Band A without being metered.

It also reaffirms its commitment to protecting consumer interests and ensuring equitable practices within Nigeria’s electricity sector, stressing that,  out of the 12 million electricity customers only 5.7 million are metered according to NERC’s data.


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