Bokkos People Weep Over Attacks, Killings.

Bokkos People Weep Over Attacks, Killings.

Bokkos Cultural Development Council Vanguard of Plateau state, says it is not particularly happy with the continuous attacks of banditsa on their civilian communities, in the presence of military and other security operatives.

A statement issued by the chairman and secretary of the group, Barr. Farmasum Fuddang and Amb. Duwam said, some officers of the Special Task Force Operation Safe Haven have been identified as harassing civilian defenders while turning a blind eye to Fulani attackers who roam freely without challenge, and appears to defy superior orders and military codes.

The statement decries the activities of convoys of motorcycles, each carrying three armed Fulani terrorists, which continue to wreak havoc by attacking villages across the Butura and Tangur districts of Bokkos local government area, adding that, the onslaught commenced on 18th April 2024 when Fulani terrorists targeted a group of miners on the outskirts of Mandung Butura, claiming the lives of at least two individuals before retreating and regrouping in the nearby mountains.

It alleged that it is the same officer who ordered the shooting of six youth protecting their village of Kopyal from a terrorist invasion on 13th April 2024, adding that on 15th April, 2024, he ordered the arrest of another youth, “Gambo Kuba”, during the Fulani terrorist invasion of Butura Kampani, which the youth were brave enough to resist without any form of aid from the security agencies and armed forces meant to protect them.

The group also said, prioritizing the security of lives and property in Bokkos and all the other parts of Plateau State is the primary purpose of government, led by the Executive Governor, Caleb Mutfwang and the need for the government to seek alternative solutions to address the crisis, as the “Nigerian armed forces have been incompetent, and also demanded an official enquiry into and an explanation regarding the use of lethal force against unarmed students protesting the killings in Chikam, while armed terrorists were allowed to freely roam and attack others on the university campus;

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