Ukraine Wants Russia’s Frozen Assets.

Ukraine Wants Russia’s Frozen Assets.

Ukraine urged the West on Monday to transfer control of confiscated Russian assets to Kyiv so they could be used to rebuild the country and fund its recovery.

Calls have been mounting in Washington and Europe to set up a fund for Ukraine.

Ukraine has warned it desperately needs more military and financial assistance. This is just as a fresh $60-billion package of US aid remains stalled in Congress.

Shmygal urged Western countries to act quickly ahead of elections and political changes that could disrupt the efforts.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said last week there was a strong “moral case” for seizing the assets and giving them to Ukraine.

She urged G7 nations to explore options.

Russia has vowed to retaliate if its confiscated assets are redirected to Ukraine and has condemned the proposal as “destructive”.





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