Military Helicopters Collision Kills 10 Persons.

 Military Helicopters Collision Kills 10 Persons.

Two Malaysian military helicopters have collided and crashed during a training session killing all 10 crew onboard.

 Senior operations commander from the fire and rescue department Suhaimy Mohamad Suhail, said, the two helicopters collided during flight training, while, all 10 victims on board have been confirmed dead by the medical officers.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim sent his condolences to the families of the victims, saying that, the nation mourns the heart-wrenching and soul-wrenching tragedy.

Incidents involving helicopters are not uncommon in the Southeast Asian nation, while, a Malaysian coast guard helicopter crashed in the Strait of Malacca with no fatalities.

In 2016, a deputy minister was among those who died after a Euro-helicopter AS350 crashed in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

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