World Central Kitchen Halts Operations After Strike Kills Staff

World Central Kitchen Halts Operations After Strike Kills Staff.

International food charity World Central Kitchen is suspending its operations in Gaza following the death of seven of its workers in an Israeli air strike.

The charity said, those killed were part of an aid convoy that was leaving a warehouse in central Gaza, while, the Israel Defense Forces said it was conducting a "thorough review" into the incident.

WCK is one of the main suppliers of desperately needed aid to Gaza and the aid convoy was hit while leaving the Deir al-Balah warehouse, "where the team had unloaded more than 100 tons of humanitarian food aid brought to Gaza on the maritime route.

The convoy was made up of three vehicles, including two that were armoured and all three were hit in the strike, which had coordinated the convoy's movements with the IDF when it was hit.

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