Gov. Alia Stops Farming In Makurdi Metropolis.

Gov. Alia Stops Farming In Makurdi Metropolis.

Benue State Governor, Reverend Father Hyacinth Alia has stopped farming in Makurdi metropolis and resorted to plant flowers to beautify the town.

He says apart from the fact that, flowers brighten and beautify the environment with their range of colours which is exactly what his administration is out to achieve, flowers also have a calming effect on the mind and can help to create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

A statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Sir Tersoo Kula the Governor restated the warning to those who refused to heed his earlier orders, and are still using empty plots of land and the frontage of their houses to cultivate crops within Makurdi metropolis.

He also said, Alia had directed that such people should clear such farms immediately before the Government does so in order to beautify the state capital.

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