2023 ELECTIONS: Resignation of two APC PCC members show the party is seriously challenged, says analyst
All Progressives Congress

The resignation of two members of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council has be described as a reflection of serious challenge within the party.

Mr. Samson Usman, a guest on ATN Politics while reacting to the resignation of the Assistant Secretary of the North-central Directorate of Mobilization, Ahmed Ibeto and a member of the Directorate of Youth Mobilization, North-east, Zanna Ali from the council and the party, said this development tells us that a lot has been going on in the secret and the party is challenged.

"The resignation of a member of the presidential campaign council which is the highest organ of the presidential campaign to have resign in less than two months to the general election speaks volumes.

"It tells us that a lot has been going on in the secret and a lot has been going on in the physical and it is only that which he has made known the we know about. I want to let you know that at this point, for a presidential campaign member to resign means that that party has a serious challenge, he said.

Mr. Usman said resignation of the Zanna, who hails from the same geopolitical zone with the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar, the main challenger of Tinubu, APC presidential candidate leaves room speculations.

He said, "For the a member of youth coordinator (directorate) of the APC who comes from the north east to resign, the question is why is he resigning? North east is where the strongest challenger of APC is coming from. Could it be that they have an alliance? Could it be that they have some pact that we are yet to know? Could it be that they have discussed something behind the scene that they are yet to come out in the open to tell us?"

Messrs Ibeto and Ali resigned the membership of APC PCC citing lack of unity of purpose, internal conflict and lack of credible presidential candidate.

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