Supreme Court To Hear Trump’s Immunity Claim Over Prosecution.

Supreme Court To Hear Trump’s Immunity Claim Over Prosecution.

US Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether Donald Trump, as a former president, should be immune from criminal prosecution for acts he committed while in office.

The ruling could have far-reaching implications for the extent of US executive power and Trump’s multiple legal issues as he seeks the White House again, while most constitutional law experts expect Trump to suffer a legal defeat.

Special Counsel Jack Smith filed the election conspiracy case against 77-year-old Trump in August and had pushed for a March trial start date, but the Republican presidential candidate’s lawyers filed a blizzard of motions seeking to postpone the case against him, including the claim that an ex-president enjoys “absolute immunity.”

Two lower courts flatly rejected that argument but the Supreme Court agreed in February to hear the case, and one lower court ruled Trump’s immunity claim is “unsupported by precedent” or the US Constitution, and Trump is eyeing a friendly hearing from a court he had a critical role in shaping, having appointed three justices to give it a 6-3 conservative majority, while, Sample and other scholars said the high court was unlikely to hold that a president enjoys blanket immunity from prosecution.

Trump has claimed that without immunity, “a president will not be able to properly function, or make decisions, in the best interest” of the country.

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