The steering committee on civil society regulatory environment has called on regulators of Civil Society Organizations CSOs to harmonize it extent laws and constantly engage with the sector with a view to providing

updates and needed assistance in compliance with the seemingly 

multiple regulations including complying with the Financial Reporting Council.


This was contained in a communique made available to newsmen after a three-day National conference on civil society regulation environment held in Abuja.


The conference of CSOs recommended that

Relevant government agencies must ensure CSOs have access to needed  

information on existing guidelines and obligations of the non-profit sector to 

ensure total compliance with such regulations as well as.

Part of the recommendation reached says that the clamp down on CSOs on suspicion of non-compliance to certain regulatory demands ought to be a last resort after such CSOs must have been given more information on compliance by the regulators.

Mr Ayo Adebusoye Member planning committee called for a harmonized extent laws saying due to over burden of regulations most of the CSOs in Nigeria are not aware of the full extent of the regulations and how it impact them and always resulting in none compliance.

He stressed the need for regulations be harmonized and made understandable.

The CSOs also agreed that the regulators should harmonized extent laws regulating their operations especially at the subnational leve and promote proper internal control system that will enhance trust in the sector. 

Mrs Mina Ogbanga said for CSOs to successfully carry out their objectives of impacting lives regulators must act consistently and create avenue for easy of operation for CSOs and other state actors.
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