Israeli Missile Strike On Damascus Flat Kills Two

Israeli Missile Strike On Damascus Flat Kills Two

At least two people have been killed in an Israeli missile strike in Syria's capital, Damascus.

Syrian military said two civilians died when several missiles hit a block of flats in the Kafr Sousa district.

A monitoring group said two foreigners and a Syrian civilian were killed, and that the area was frequented by senior figures from Iran's Revolutionary Guards and Lebanese group Hezbollah.

Although, the Israeli military has not commented.

However, it has previously acknowledged carrying out hundreds of strikes on targets in Syria that it says are linked to Iran and allied armed groups.

It has reportedly stepped up such strikes since the start of the war in the Gaza Strip in October, in response to cross-border attacks on Israel by Hezbollah and other Iran-backed groups in Lebanon and Syria, who say they are acting in support of the allied Palestinian group Hamas.

Last month, a strike in Damascus that was blamed on Israel killed five senior Revolutionary Guards and several Syrian security personnel.




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