Sea Drones Keeping Russia's Warships At Bay.

Sea Drones Keeping Russia's Warships At Bay.

Ukrainian drones were approaching fast through the water.


Russian sailors opened fire with heavy machine guns, but their ship was hit and destroyed, while, the Ukrainian sea drones have revolutionized naval warfare over the last few years, relentlessly hunting down Russian ships in the open sea and even at naval bases.


Group-13, a secretive unit of Ukraine's military intelligence agency, was behind the rare access to its operations, and the unit says it has sunk five Russian vessels and damaged others. But its commander, who asked us to refer to him by his call sign, Thirteenth, says the Sergey Kotov was the most difficult target so far.


The boat's remote control looks like one of those specially adapted nuclear briefcases, used by world leaders in Hollywood films to authorize the use of nuclear weapons. 

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