Labour Party Spokesperson Explains Why Obi Visited Abure.

Labour Party Spokesperson Explains Why Obi Visited Abure.


Campaign team of Labour Party Presidential flag bearer, Peter Obi says the recent visit of the former Anambra governor to the party secretariat in Abuja was a reconciliatory move and not an endorsement as being twisted in a section of the media.


A statement issued in Abuja by Obi’s Campaign Spokesman, Yunusa Tanko said, his principal also met with the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress political arm and to seek an end to their conflict with the party.


In a counter statement released barely an hour later, the National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party, ObioraIfoh, warns against twisting the ‘well-intentioned’ visit of their presidential candidate, adding that, Peter Obi and Abure were on the same page on reconciliation of aggrieved members and stakeholders of the party

This is coming after the Labour Party’s National Chairman, Julius Abure during his maiden press conference last week, pleaded with all the warring parties including the NLC to sheath their swords and join in the rebuilding process in the party.

The statement also said, the reconciliatory efforts will be consummated and metamorphose into a political force that will usher in a government to liberate Nigerians from the shackles of maladministration facing the country

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