2023 Presidency: APC challenge PDP, LP Candidates to health record

2023 Presidency: APC challenges PDP, Labour Party to present presidential candidates health records 

Following the partisan attacks on the health status of Tinubu, the APC has challenged presidential candidates of the country’s main opposition Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and that of Labour Party LP, Mr Peter Obi to make public their own medical records for effective scrutiny. 

Reacting to issues raised by the APC, is Political Consultant  said the major Political parties should take up the challenge and make their medical records Public, saying this is what is obtainable in developed countries. Mr Ken also said the video of bola Tinubu riding a Bike could be a strategy by the APC to drag other opposition Parties for a long time and then surprise them at the end. 

On the contrary, a legal Practitioner Ngeri Goodlife said it is  not necessary for Presidential candidates to present their medical certificate, because you can be healthy today and sick the next day. Barrister Nngeri said the medical certificate does not suffice in authenticating a healthy man. He futher said the APC has an attitude of explaining issues instead of addressing the issues, saying the main issue is not Tinubu's age but his health condition.

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