Obaseki Threatens ‘Legacy Group.

Obaseki Threatens ‘Legacy Group.

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has threatened to deal with members of the Legacy Group, a faction in the state chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, if they continue to divide the party.

Obaseki issued the threat during the inauguration of a 363-member Governorship Campaign Council in Benin City.

Obaseki, who said the PDP governorship candidate, AsueIghodalo would win 80 percent of the vote, boasted that the party had the structures and programmes to win the September 21 governorship election.

The governor, who also accused the Legacy Group faction of collecting money from the opposition party to destabilize the party in the state, added that they were disorganised and were a herd of sheep without shepherd.

Obaseki, who opined that the main opposition party in the state has no space in Edo politics, boasted that the PDP has put together hardworking campaign council members.

He stated that the main opposition party could not destroy Nigerians at the centre and still wanted to destroy the people of Edo State.


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