SEC Plans To Improve Market Confidence At CMC Meeting.

SEC Plans To Improve Market Confidence At CMC Meeting.

Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria says the virtual Capital Market Committee meeting for the first quarter of 2024 will improve market confidence.

The meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, April 18, will focus on addressing pressing challenges and brainstorming strategic ideas to advance the Nigerian capital market.

It also said, the meeting would focus on critical issues affecting the market and ensure that those concerns were thoroughly addressed, while, the market players would be given updates on significant accomplishments by various technical committees, including the Commodities Ecosystem Implementation Committee, E-Dividend and Direct Cash Settlement, Financial Literacy, as well as the Non-interest Capital Market Financial Literacy Technical Committee.

 The CMC is an industry-wide body comprising the SEC, capital market operators, trade groups, and other stakeholders, and serves as a pivotal platform for dialogue, facilitates the exchange of ideas, addresses key issues impacting market growth and organisation, as well as collaborates on shaping the market’s future.

The committee was established primarily as a means for stakeholders to exchange ideas and provide feedback to the SEC, aiding in the continuous improvement of market operations and regulatory frameworks.

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