Flood Kills 10 Family Members.

Flood Kills 10 Family Members.

Ten members of a family were killed overnight in a village in the capital of Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province due to heavy rainfall and flooding.

The head of the information and culture department Zabihullah Amiri said in a statement that, rescue teams are searching for the remaining victims after four bodies were recovered.

Flooding has deepened Afghanistan’s already dire humanitarian crisis, adding to the death toll caused by multiple natural disasters in recent years.

The World Food Programme, said in a statement that, floods in the past few weeks have affected at least 80,000 people in the country, while, Afghan authorities reported more than 400 deaths due to flash floods across different provinces, and  Baghlan province in the north was hit the hardest.

Extreme weather events such as flash floods and droughts are on the increase in Afghanistan, and the country remains among the world’s top 10 climate-impacted nations despite having a negligible carbon footprint.

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