World Diabetes Day: Stakeholders Tasks On Awareness To Reduce Cases

The National Action for Sugar Reduction as charged for more enlightenment, campaigns and awareness to curb the growing consequence of diabetes cases in Nigeria.

An advocacy specialist Shirley Evang gave the charge during an interactive section with stakeholders in Abuja to Mark this year's world diabetes day stressed that quality diabetes education is crucial for improving the lives of Nigerians living with diabetes.

Diabetes is a serious disease with the potential for deadly complications that damage the kidneys, heart, eyes and limbs.

About 6 million Nigerians are living with diabetes and over 90 percent of such Nigerians have diabetes type 2 which is a deadly illness linked to excessive consumption of sugar sweetened beverages SSB .

As Nigeria has the highest diabetes majority in Africa, The National Action on Sugar Reduction is advocating for a tax policy that will fully implemented SSB Taxes and increase it by 20 percent. Which According to WHO SSB Tax will make a significant health impact by discouraging consumption of sugary beverages.

A Professor of Medicine Endocrinology and Diabetology prof. Felicia Anumah sherd more light on the dangers of diabetes saying excess sugar intake poses more danger to health many Nigerians as there are no adequate treatment centres for patients with kidney failure and other related illnesses associated with diabetes.

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