One Of The Least Developed In Northern Nigeria.

One Of The Least Developed In Northern Nigeria.


Governor Hyacinth Alia has said that Benue is one of the least developed states in northern Nigeria.Alia made this statement when he broke Ramadan fast with Muslim faithful in Makurdi.

He, however, vowed that the situation must change as his administration was determined to embark on developmental projects that would put Benue in a pride of place among other states in the country.

Alia advised Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of unity to be able to confront common enemies like bandits, kidnappers and corruption, among others.The governor emphasized that Nigeria needs unity in diversity to make meaningful progress in the comity of nations.

The Benue governor also urged Nigerians to change their perception about government, about themselves and about religion, stressing that none of the holy books talked about picking tents against one another.






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