Akpabio, Gov Eno Regroup For 2027 Re-Election Bid.

Akpabio, Gov Eno Regroup For 2027 Re-Election Bid.

President of the 10th National Assembly, Senator Godswill Akpabio and the governor of Akwa Ibom

State, Pastor Umo Eno are working towards their reelection bid ahead of the 2027 general elections.

This played out days ago when the people of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district declared Akpabio as the sole

candidate for the 2027 senatorial race and the event was a grand reception for the Senate President in

Ikot Ekpene Local Government area of the state.

Akpabio said, in 2027 no one should contest, and it means it’s only one candidate from the senatorial

district and no other person, while, Pastor Umo Eno for his ability to bring unity and peace between his

Administration and the successive ones.

The governor urged the people of Akwa Ibom Northwest to also adopt him as the sole candidate for

Governorship election in 2027 having adopted Akpabio whom he described as his “political grandfather”

as a sole candidate for the senate.

Akpabio in a reaction promised to work with Gov Eno to realise his aspirations.

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