Biden Challenges Trump To Two Debates.

Biden Challenges Trump To Two Debates.

US President Joe Biden challenged Donald Trump on Wednesday to “make my day” and hold two televised debates in June and September, with his Republican rival swiftly accepting.

Biden however shunned the three debates proposed by the bipartisan US election debates commission, opting instead for two audience-free clashes hosted by news organizations.

Biden also trolled Trump over his ongoing criminal hush money trial in New York, which features a mid-week break.

The Democrat and the Republican have been sparring for months over debates, for years a traditional part of any US presidential election campaign, but there has been uncertainty over whether they would go ahead.

Trump — who avoided any debates with his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination this year — said he was “ready to Rumble.

Biden’s campaign proposed the first one-on-one debate in late June “after Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial is likely to be over and after President Biden returns from meeting with world leaders at the G7 Summit.”

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