2023 PRESIDENCY : Ngige may pay for his neutral position if Tinubu wins, analyst warns
Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige

 Analyst, Mr. Lanre Oloyede has warned that the neutral position taken by the minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, may attract negative consequences if the presidential candidate of the App Progressives Congress (APC) eventually wins the 2023 presidential election come Febraury 25, 2023.


Commenting Ngige’s resolve not to campaign for any of the four leading presidential candidates, on the bases that one is his brother and the other three are his friends, despite being a ranking member of the APC and beneficiary of the party’s victory, said if Tinubu wins the presidency, Ngige and his cohorts will leave APC or go into political oblivion.


“If Asiwaju eventually wins the presidency in February, then it will have a more of a negative consequence in terms of their political career. Many of them will have to leave the party or go into political oblivion,” he said.   


He said Ngige is not the only one in the party that has decide to maintain an indifferent disposition. According to him, “Ngige is not the only one in this group, a number of aspirants who contested the with Asiwaju that primary election, some of them till today are yet to congratulate him or have anything to do with his campaign. They are yet to forgive Asiwaju for snatching the ticket from them.


He urged Ngige to forget the past and support Asiwaju since he is a ranking member of the APC. He said, “If I am in the position to advise Ngige, since he remain a top member of the party, he has no choice but to support the party’s flagbearer.”


Ngigein Anambra urged Nigerians to select the best among the four leading presidential candidates. He said he believe they all have the requisite exposure. But he will not campaign for any of them because the comprised his friends and brother. 

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