Ukraine-Based Armed Groups Claim Raids Into Russia.

Ukraine-Based Armed Groups Claim Raids Into Russia.

Three Ukraine-based Russian paramilitary groups say they have crossed into Russia and are now fighting government troops there.


The Freedom of Russia Legion and Siberian Battalion posted videos purportedly showing their fighters in Russia's Belgorod and Kursk regions.


The SVR and an exiled Russian politician claimed two villages were now in control of "liberation forces" while, Russia's defence ministry said, the breakthrough attempts were thwarted.


In a separate development, Russia said Ukraine had launched 25 drones on targets across Russia, but the attack was thwarted, and videos have emerged which appear to show several Russian oil facilities on fire.


In the Ivanovo region, just east of Moscow, an Il-76 military-transport plane with eight crew and seven passengers crashed shortly after take-off, Russia's defence ministry was quoted as saying by Russian state-run news agencies, while, the ministry said an engine fire caused the crash. It gave no details of survivors.

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