Farmers Say Import Rice From India Costs $58 Dollars.

Farmers Say Import Rice From India Costs $58 Dollars.

President of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria, Kabir Ibrahim says imported rice from India comes at a landing cost of $58 dollars per bag.

Ibrahim, said local rice was cheaper because of the country’s high exchange rate, and when calculated at the current exchange rate, the landing cost is above N60,000 per bag of rice in Lagos.

Ibrahim, who is also the President of Nigeria Agribusiness Group, said, the cost of bringing maize from Brazil into the country was higher than sourcing it locally.

The AFAN president denied the report that 70 per cent of the imported livestock into Nigeria was coming from the Niger Republic, and recalled that, the President of the Transborder Traders Association, Nasiru Salami, said 70 per cent of imported livestock into Nigeria came from the Niger Republic.

Salami claimed that, the trade that happened between Nigeria and other African countries was mostly done on a barter basis, adding that, most of the livestock slaughtered in Lagos comes from the northern part of the country and not from the Niger Republic.

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