NEWSLai Mohammed berates UK, US, others over ‘frivolous’ travel advisories

Minister of information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has mocked foreign embassies including those of the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia and others, that issued travel advisories to their citizens last year, to avoid Abuja, the Nigerian federal capital, due to threats of terrorist attacks.

Mohammed who spoke in Abuja on Monday at the 25th edition of the PMB Administration Scorecard Series, said the advisories unsettled many residents and foreigners who fled the nation’s capital despite the assurances of their safety from the Federal Government.

”Let me use this occasion to commend our security agencies for their sacrifices to keep us safe,” the Minister said.

“Recall, Ladies, and Gentlemen, that in October 2022, the US and UK embassies in Nigeria issued travel advisories warning their citizens to avoid Abuja due to the risk of a terrorist attack.

“This advisories created much panic in the country. As a matter of fact, a number of Americans were reported to have fled Abuja in the wake of the warning.

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