INEC unveils voters register for the 2023 general elections
INEC unveils voters register for the 2023 general elections

A total of Ninety three million,four hundred and sixty nine thousand and eight voters, registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission,INEC, are eligible to vote in Nigeria and will be allowed to participate in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

 The authentic voter register  was unveiled at the INEC Headquarters in Abuja on Wednesday  before Leaders of the Eighteen (18 ) registered political parties that will participate in the forthcoming polls.

Chairman of INEC,Prof Mahamood Yakubu while affirming the  Commission's readiness to transparent, credible and inclusive polls this year as scheduled, said substantial quantities of sensitive and non-sensitive materials have been deployed to various locations across the country.

 Lagos ,Kano, Kaduna,Katsina and Rivers States in that order  have the highest numbers of voters while Ekiti State has the least number of voters among the States.

Delta State is the sixth on the list , with a total three million, two twenty one thousand, six hundred and ninety seven registered voters in the country.

Forty nine million,fifty four thousand,one hundred and sixty two voter which represents  (52.5%) of the total voters in Nigeria are male while forty four million,four hundred and fourteen thousand,eight hundred and fouty six ,representing   (47.5%) are female. 

The distribution by age group shows that thirty seven million,sixty thousand,three hundred and ninety nine representing  (39.65%) of the total voters are youth between the ages of 18 and 34.

Thirty three million,four hundred and thirteen thousand ,five hundred and ninety one representing  (35.75%) of registered voters in the country are middle aged persons between the ages of 35 and 49;  seventeen million,seven hundred thousand,two hundred and seventy voters representing  (18.94%) are elderly voters between the ages of 50 and 69 while five million,two hundred and ninety four thousand, seven hundred and forty Million which represents (5.66%) of total voters in Nigeria are senior citizens aged 70 and above. 

In terms of occupational distribution, students constitute the largest category with twenty six million,twenty seven thousand,four hundred and eighty one which represents  (27.8%) of all voters in the country.

This is followed by  Farmers and Fishermen which make up fourteen million,seven hundred and forty two thousand,five hundred and fifty four representing  (15.8%) of the total voters .

 Housewifes constitute (13.9%) of voters in the country with thirteen million,six thousand,nine hundred and thirty nine persons.

Certify copies of the total registered voters in Nigeria was presented to leaders of political parties by the Chairman of INEC,Prof Mahmood Yakubu at the end of the ceremony.

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