Reps eulogise Teacher world over
Reps eulogise Teacher world over

The Nigeria House of Representatives  joined the rest of the world to mark the 2022 World Teachers Day.

A motion which came under personal explanation by Hon Musa Bagus,from Plateau State was moved on the floor,eulogising as well as  recognising  contributions made by Teachers all over the world.

 Lawmakers during debate,made recommendations on reward for Teachers in Nigeria,urging the Federal Government to set aside 70 percent of its ongoing Housing Scheme Project as well as a Large chunk of the 2023 Budget to Teacher and the Country's education sector.

The House observed a minute of silence for Teacher who were lost in death and gave a stand up ovation to say' thank you ' to Teacher as they celebrate .

The World Teachers' day is  marked on the 5th of October  every year .

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