Govt Constricts Visa Rules For Nigerian Students

Govt Constricts Visa Rules For Nigerian Students.

Australian Government says it will commence the enforcement of tougher visa rules for Nigerian students and their foreign counterparts planning to move to the country as the number of migrants hit a record high.

It also said, English language requirements for student and graduate visas will be increased, adding that the government will get the power to suspend education providers from recruiting international students if they repeatedly break rules.

The development follows a raft of actions last year to close off COVID-era concessions introduced by the former government, including unrestricted working hours for international students, while, the government said, rules would be tightened for students that could halve its migrant intake over two years.

Australia boosted its annual migration numbers in 2022 to help businesses recruit staff to fill shortages after the COVID-19 pandemic brought strict border controls, and kept foreign students and workers out for nearly two years, while, the sudden influx of foreign workers and students has increased pressure on an already tight rental market.



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