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In an effort to reduce the housing deficit within the staffs in the federal civil service and by extension the country, the senate through its committee on Establishment and public service has promised to intervene in the insufficient capital expenditure for loans in the federal government staff housing loan Board as  provided in the budget.

The chairman senate committee on the establishment and public service made the promise at the ongoing 2023 budget defense at the National Assembly Abuja.

The Senate committee on establishment and public service chaired by Senator Ibrahim Shakarau received Federal Civil Service Commission, the national salaries and wages commission, federal government staff housing loans Board and national assembly service commission.

Having delivered it budget before the senate committee the executive secretary of federal government staff housing loan Board Ibrahim raised the concerns of inadequate capital to cater for hosing loan applications of federal government staff, he said the commission had to rely  on the service wide funds to give civil servant loans.

He ststed that their is no enough capital for loans to off load the back log of application growing beyound 35000 which about 65 billion will be needed for.

In his response the chairman of the committee senator Ibrahim shekarau said if civil servant are able to secure a house of their own He said it encourages the staff in the civil service to work hard with rest of mind and an assurance for retirement.

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