IPAC Wants Deferment Of LG Election Over Economic Hardship.

IPAC Wants Deferment Of LG Election Over Economic Hardship.

Inter Party Advisory Council in Jigawa State has advocated the amendment of the state’s electoral law to provide political parties with a notice period of 360 days to adequately prepare for elections.

This call was made during an extraordinary meeting held in Dutse, the state capital.

A communique jointly signed by the Chairman, Murtala Musa, and the Secretary, Isa Adams, the council highlighted the need for reform in light of the prevailing economic, social, and political circumstances affecting citizens across the state, adding that, the extensive hardship faced by the populace, requires immediate and effective intervention from all stakeholders.

The looming expiration of the tenure of current local government officials was noted by the council, alongside the economic challenges faced by both the state and its citizens, and unanimously advised the postponement of the LG election to a later date.

The local government election is expected to be held in June.

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