Protecting Maritime Sector: International Seabed Authority Set To Support Nigeria
International Seabed Authority

As part of efforts to protecting the sub-national and International Deep Seabed areas as well as utilizing it economic benefits, the International Seabed Authority has said it will be engaging with stakeholders in the maritime sector in the coming days.

The Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the international seabed authority Mrs Maureen Tamuno made this known in Abuja during an interactive section with newsmen ahead of a 3-day workshop.

The secretary general of the International seabed authority Mr Micheal Lodge said the aim of the workshop is to support African countries to better understand and identify the economic value and resources they have in the Deep Ocean wether in the own jurisdiction, continental areas or in the international areas. 

Lodge said that the primary function of the organization Is to cooperate with members states in terms of how they use the minerals resources in the deep see bed areas through scientific research to understand the and to protect the environment from any danger.

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