Gridlock Along Port Corridors International Embarrassment

Gridlock Along Port Corridors International Embarrassment.

Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority, Mohammed Bello-Koko, says traffic gridlock along port access roads is an international embarrassment and is impeding productivity.

He said stakeholders in the sector must synergise to end the gridlock menace in port access roads.

According to him, the agency’s zero tolerance for all impediments to the free traffic flow was no fluke.

“Ports access roads are an international corridor, which means traffic gridlock along such sensitive road networks, apart from negating port productivity, is an international embarrassment that requires the synergy of all stakeholders to tackle sustainably.

Bello-Koko stated that, although the causes of the gridlock are rooted in factors external to the NPA, the NPA still have a duty as the gateway to the national economy to take the frontline role in tackling this menace.




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