Ukraine Detains Six Over Russian Strikes.

Ukraine Detains Six Over Russian Strikes.

Six people accused of helping Russia strike an apartment building in the eastern Donetsk region have been detained and charged with treason, Ukraine’s SBU security service said Wednesday.

Russian Iskander missiles struck the city of Pokrovsk on 7 August 2023, killing nine people and injuring dozens of others in an attack that damaged a residential block.

According to the SBU, the suspects were recruited by a “curator from the Russian military intelligence.

The group also prepared “coordinates for missile strikes” on Ukrainian bases near the city of Avdiivka, which fell to Russian forces after heavy fighting in February, the SBU said.

He said all six were charged with high treason and now “face life imprisonment.

Kyiv is cracking down on those suspected of having aided and abetted invading Russian forces since February 2022, many in its east and south.


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